Emerald Alignment: An Agent Of Change

I have updated this blog,  first written in 2006 . So much has changed since then but hopefully my words will encourage you to endeavour to  reduce your own stress levels and discover your purpose in life.

I was on a quest to explore spirituality, when I discovered healing ( a word frowned upon in the National Health Trust (NHS) where I was currently employed in the UK).  As a Speech and Language Specialist , coordinating an area wide service to adults with learning disabilities and children with special needs,  I  was continually searching for new and creative ways  of working.  I wanted to improve my client’s communication, without ‘shining a light’ on their specific impairment.   Through many years of experience, I had reached the conclusion that an orthodox, symptom focused approach didn’t work.  Instead, by engaging the adult or child in a creative and enjoyable shared activity of  their choice,  their interaction with others  started to improve together with their communication. This is because when we are relaxed and enjoying ourselves, we are less aware of our problems and healing can take place. This isn’t rocket science but it wasn’t the prescriptive way I was expected to work.

At home, my life was running out of control as I juggled a demanding full time job with supporting ailing parents, whilst experiencing the failure of a troubled second marriage.  The emotional roller coaster of  being a mother to five children from my first marriage, combined with the trials and tribulations of  three visiting step daughters in my second marriage exacerbated the drama of family life.   I continually lurched from one crisis to another.  In an effort to find some inner peace, I read books on Buddhism and earnestly practised a plethora of meditation techniques without much success . My overactive mind interfered with any attempt to still my thoughts .

Thankfully, my life turned a corner after overhearing a colleague’s conversation about a therapist and healer she was seeing locally.  I  impulsively requested the contact details of   Carol Lamb, the  healer in question and  booked myself an appointment.    At the close of my first session, Carol aligned and sealed  my auric field with an Emerald Alignment , which is an attunement to the primary source of energy that governs the body.  I was told that aligning to this higher energetic frequency would connect me to my heart and intuition to restore balance and stability.   The alignment process had an immediate positive effect .  Although I didn’t understand what was happening to me and couldn’t remember accurately the words Carol had used, I used my version of the alignment the very next day with my voice clients, who were suffering from stress related vocal difficulties.

After several more healing appointments I realised that I needed to focus on my own alignment and healing before taking what I had learnt to my clients (‘physician heal thyself’).  I was determined to discipline myself to use this method of alignment on a daily basis. Initially, when trying to remember what I had to do, I found it difficult to visualise the emerald light  entering my body. When I closed my eyes, I could only imagine  the emerald light in front of me and not in me…. but this was a start.  Since that time I have realised that many people have difficulty visualising colour but this doesn’t matter because a key principle of healing is ‘energy follows thought‘ and if we listen to the words of the alignment and focus our thoughts and attention on a desired outcome, the action follows through.   I persevered and after several weeks, my ability to visualise the alignment process, dramatically improved.

As my emotional responses stabilised, I noticed that there was less drama in my life.  I was  becoming less anxious and my mind was clearing. Previously, at the end of a busy day, I had felt as though I was carrying a block of concrete on my shoulders . By the evening, I  could barely turn my head from left to right.  Regular alignment practise was energising me, my senses were sharpening and I was increasingly aware of the colours of  the natural environment around me. Instead of focusing inwards on my own anxieties,  I began to notice the external environment, looking up at the sky not down at my feet, lost in thought.  With an enhanced auditory awareness, I could discriminate between the songs of birds,  the rustle of leaves and the splash of puddles .

As my brain relaxed, I was prompted to meditate. I initially found it easier to join a group, rather than meditate alone .  At the end of the meditation, the Emerald Alignment   was used to ground and seal our energy.  Gradually, the small intuitive voice in my head increased in volume and I was more confident about making decisions as enjoyment returned to my life.   Recognising dreams as intuitive messages, I kept a notebook and pencil next to my bed to write them down on waking.

At the beginning of 1999, in order to make sense of what was happening to me,  I  trained with the  Academy of Spiritual Sciences .  Through the study of metaphysics and the first principles of healing , I  recognised that  imprinted memory from past experience impacts on our beliefs, perception and behaviour. The transformative power of  the Emerald Alignment sustained me and deepened my awareness.  Further training took me to past life work.

Spiritual exploration inspired an interest in the healing impact of sound vibration and specifically the human voice.  Through a direct experience of channelled guidance, as described in Carol’s book Born Remembering, I was given incredible insights into my work with adults with learning disabilities and children with special needs, which I have since documented in my blogs and radio interviews .  Through guidance, I was  taught a unique system of eight chakra tones which link to specific anatomical areas of the body, with a request to pass this effective system of self- help healing to all who would listen. I had had no previous understanding of toning but travelled internationally to teach this ancient and powerful system of healing through workshops and seminars.  My teaching manual: Rainbow Chakra Tones has proved a popular self-help aid.  I left  speech and language therapy in 2003 to establish my own holistic consultancy practice, Light Voice, combining toning and colour with energy alignment, as a simple and effective healing process to  empower the voice.

The Emerald Alignment is fully integrated into my daily practice.  Positive lifestyle choices and painful sacrifices  have  strengthened my resolve and have helped me to realise goals and aspirations that at one time had seemed an impossible dream.  Through my international online Tinnitus Clinic, I  endeavour to ease the suffering  of those brought to despair by this debilitating condition.  My clinical work provides evidence for my  research in partnership with colleagues  at the Living Memory Research Trust.

The Emerald Alignment can also be found on the Musical Medicine CD created by my friend and colleague composer Michael Kowalski.