Simple Pleasures

We all, whether young or old, able bodied or disabled, intellectually impaired or with the capacity to function in all aspects of physical life, have the ability to find a purpose and to reach a fuller potential if we are able to connect to the intuitive pathways beyond our cognitive faculties.

We can accomplish this by engaging in a pleasurable, creative activity. In this way we feel love in action which stimulates the creative, intuitive aspects of the right hemisphere of our brain.  It is proven that simple enjoyment creates a chemical reaction which impacts on our cellular and neurological systems.

To understand the process, let’s look at the fundamental differences between orthodox medicine and holistic healing.

Orthodox medicine recognises the anatomy of the physical body with the aim of restoring mobility, function and health by focusing on the symptom or disorder and endeavouring to effect a cure.   An holistic approach requires an understanding of the person as a whole (mind, body and spirit) with the requirement to trace back to the event or experience which preceded the discomfort or dis-order and to explore the associated thoughts and feelings which  led to the manifestation of the symptom. With this understanding, an energy alignment will rebalance the energy.

To deepen our awareness, it would be helpful to have a basic understanding of the subtle energy system which envelops and nourishes the physical body and is beyond the auspices of the brain.  Some may recognise this system as the aura or auric field which ancient, indigenous people have known about for thousands of years.   This life giving subtle energy , also known as chi or prana, enlivens the body and without which death ensues.

Subtle Energy System

This is a complex, multidimensional field, where Light is transmitted as stepped down frequencies . The subtle energy system mirrors the anatomical structure of the physical body system and is composed of atoms and molecules that have magnetic properties . Our personal electromagnetic field is now proven by science.  Ancient people, with a deeper understanding, mapped this life giving energy as it was disseminated throughout the body by a transport system of meridian channels and major major and minor chakras which metabolise energy flow.

Our personal electromagnetic (auric) field is  comprised of  vibrating bands or layers of frequencies  corresponding to our thoughts and feelings.  The nature of our thoughts and feelings, whether positive or negative, has the ability to enhance the flow of this subtle energy or to intercept it.  Intercepted energy flow from a negative source, eventually leads to discomfort, dis-order and dis-ease in the physical body. We have possibly heard of the Epictetus quote ? ‘It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters’ because according to stoic philosophy, external events are beyond our control; therefore we should accept calmly and dispassionately whatever happens. 

Neuroscience has proved that emotions alter brain chemicals and we can therefore affect our brain chemistry by what we are thinking and feeling .  This is because every thought and emotional response has a particular vibratory frequency that creates a chemical reaction. See Molecules of Emotion by Candace Pert who was an American neuroscientist and pharmacologist

Higher Intuitive Aspects

 A higher intuitive band corresponding to our intuitive faculties bridges the gap between our personal electromagnetic (auric) field and the higher frequencies beyond. The right and left hemispheres of the brain are linked to these higher frequencies of consciousness via the crown of the head and with intention and focus, we are able to download  these accelerated frequencies to enhance and deepen our own spirituality and awareness.

Through this process, we send a positive impulse first to our heart and secondly to the  right hemisphere of the brain. This triggers our self- healing mechanism.  We all have the ability to access these higher intuitive pathways  to create a chemical reaction that has a lasting and positive effect on our lives.

How do we access these higher frequencies?

For the Child

We can stimulate this self-healing process for our children or grandchildren through the enjoyment of simple pleasures. These may take the form of a walk through the woods, nurturing and supporting a child’s sporting skill,  singing favourite songs, listening to music, painting or drawing, or reading a bedtime story.

These activities, however brief, make such a difference to a child who may be anxious and in need of attention. It fosters shared communication and a closer parent child relationship which strengthens the child emotionally, mentally and spiritually .  Endeavouring to cope with the turmoil of everyday life at home or at school, can be overwhelming to a child. A bedtime story also helps the child who may have impaired speech and language skills because it improves listening and encourages verbal expression in a relaxed and loving atmosphere.

For the Adult

The enjoyment of simple pleasures as outlined above, would be enhanced by sustained, daily practice of energy alignment .

Energy alignment practice rebalances cellular function and stimulates positive cell to cell communication within our physical body and our subtle energy system.  When we feel happy and harmonious we instinctively express ourselves in a positive way, which alters our brain chemistry .  Alignment gives immediate access to a transformative experience which opens up the creative intuitive pathways beyond the brain.

Below is the recommended Emerald Alignment method, which is a specific action of light.

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