Spiritual Attunement for Tinnitus Sufferers

This paper updates a study of Tinnitus published in 2016 and demonstrates how client work has evolved.   An international online tinnitus clinic  offers a structured programme of self-help with an element of counselling support.   An alignment tone now replaces the sequence of individual tones initially required for each client.  Where clients are willing to sustain the programme of practice and address underlying causative factors, this method has proved successful in eradicating this debilitating condition.


 My role within the National Health Service Trust in the north of England was to coordinate and deliver an area wide speech and language therapy service to adults with learning disabilities and children with special needs.    However, exploration into alternative means of expression and an interest in the impact of the voice on health prompted me to leave my profession to train in metaphysics and the principles of healing with the Academy of Spiritual Sciences.  This deepened my understanding of the links between communication and consciousness.   As Principal and senior tutor therapist for the Academy, I established Light Voice, an holistic voice consultancy offering an integrative approach to healing, which combined toning (healing with voice), energy alignment, music and colour.

My work with tinnitus began in 2007 and the goal of my tinnitus research has been to further enhance the potential for healing tinnitus by combining energy alignment with the human voice.   The positive clinical results offer hope in what is currently perceived by the medical profession to be an incurable condition.


The Latin word for tinnitus comes from the word ‘tintinare’ which means to make a ringing or jangling sound.   Tinnitus is the sensation of hearing a noise in your ear or head when there is no external cause.   Current statistics show that over 50 million Americans experience some form of tinnitus.   Roughly 20 million people struggle with burdensome chronic tinnitus, while 2 million have extreme and debilitating cases, (American Tinnitus Association).   6 million people in the UK suffer from tinnitus and The British Tinnitus Association revealed in 2018 that the number of people living with this condition is set to increase by more than 500,000 over the next decade.   It is increasingly affecting millions across the globe.

Tinnitus can arise from a wide range of underlying causes and may be triggered by noise pollution, technology, diagnostic scanners, childhood trauma, mental stress or emotional conflict.  Onset is gradual or sudden with intermittent or constant disturbance.


 Current medical opinion states that there is no known cure and sufferers are advised to learn to live with what is often a crippling disorder.   Medical research using technology to mask the noise has shown limited and variable response.   This is a symptom not a disease and in metaphysical terms, tinnitus is the manifestation of dissonance (lack of harmony) within the physical body and within the subtle energy anatomy, which relates to our sensory awareness, thought patterns and intuitive faculties.


In an holistic approach, the whole person is considered, not just their physical body but their emotional and mental health as well as the spiritual aspect.   It has been proved by science that we are physical bodies enveloped in an electromagnetic field of subtle energy.   The subtle energy system links to the body through an anatomical structure mirroring the physical anatomy.   Recognised for thousands of years and referred to by many names including chi or prana, it is the life force which animates the physical body and when it withdraws, death ensues.   Mapped since ancient times, a highly complex network of meridian channels act as a transport system to disseminate this subtle energy throughout the body.  An holistic approach is based on an understanding of energy and vibration , with its impact on our ability to listen as well as its impact on health.

The Human Energy Field

The human body emits a multidimensional electromagnetic field composed of vibrational waves or frequencies.  These frequencies correspond to our cognitive thought processes and our sensory perception, each of which influence physiology and anatomical function.


Energy waves transmit information to every part of the body, reflecting our thoughts and feelings.  Thoughts and emotions affect not only our own energy system but also others around us in profound ways.  By aligning to positive frequencies, we are able to correct any imbalance within the field.

The Action of Light and its Effect on the Body

Light waves vibrate at specific frequencies measured as nanometres (nm) a unit of length in the metric system, resonating with effect at the cellular level.

The Impact of Voice

Fabien Mama, a French musician-acupuncturist together with a scientist, researched the effects of the human voice on cells in the laboratory.  Red blood cells were shownto radiate with inner light and to alter in size and shape.   Alfred Tomatis a French otolaryngologist studied the human voice and its impact on health, stating that we hear the human voice more than any other sound and it provides the best nourishment for the brain.


Toning is a powerful and ancient method of healing with the voice.  Using the voice in this focused way, energises the brain and stimulates and regenerates the central nervous system to activate our own self -healing mechanism.  The healing process sends acoustic stimulation to every part of the body, triggering a plethora of internal sensations that turn the body into a vibrating instrument.  The toning process is non-invasive but effective in its action. 

Toning Process

Specific sound syllables combining consonants and vowels, create tones of healing vibrations which stimulate the neural pathways.  In this way, toning harmonises irregular and dissonant vibrations by attuning the signal to higher frequencies which act as a magnet to align and harmonise the vibratory field.  This process of attunement recharges the ear by releasing inner tensions which facilitates neural connections.  Toning provides nourishment for the brain, dispelling anxiety through simple vocal techniques.

The action of toning releases emotional distress from the meridian network by creating a resonance of sound which ripples through the subtle energy to dispel emotions from the body and release anxiety from the mind.  It draws upon the body’s natural inbuilt systems of self-healing to strengthen and balance the electromagnetic field and invigorate energetic flow.  If we can reduce tension and balance the pressure within the middle ear we facilitate the transduction process, when electrical signals are transmitted to the auditory cortex.  A structured and monitored programme of energy alignment and a specific alignment tone, instils positive feelings which enhance the healing process.

Mental Clarity

Toning allows adjustment and attunement to higher frequencies beyond the cognitive faculties, clarifying perception, assisting positive choices, effecting change and behaviour.

We are Bound by Our Beliefs.

Toning impacts memory via the limbic system.  Memory is based in experience which forges belief systems which influence perception and behaviour.  The new science of epigenetics demonstrates the link between belief, intention and biological processes.

Ancient Medicine

The use of the voice in toning has a positive neurophysiological effect, creating resonant harmonics used since ancient times by many cultures to open a gate to different planes of conscious awareness.  According to ancient Persian medicine, the sense of hearing is above all other senses and is connected to memory, intellect, knowledge and higher faculties.  Trained mystics of the East, worked in practical ways with sound, they believed that the sound of /ah/ stimulates the heart centre because the vibratory frequency of the letter /a/ radiates a feeling of sympathy, power and magnetism.  The vowel sound of /ee/gives a clear sound and feeling and /ee/ vibrates up the nasal septum and stimulates the root of the pineal gland.  (Chisti H 1991) In the human body the pineal gland links to higher states of consciousness.  Indigenous people believed the human voice to be the best instrument and the most effective for healing.


Toning is more effective when combined with energy alignment.  Alignment is the process of converting subtle energies into biochemical formulas to heal and regenerate.  It promotes overall health by boosting the function of the immune system.  The emerald alignment which is a transformative process is based on the principle that energy follows thought.  Through repeated practice of this alignment, healing emerald light is absorbed into the auric field.

The recommended Emerald Alignment exercise, if practised on a daily basis, energises the body systems and has a positive and lasting effect.  The emerald alignment focuses upon a specific wavelength visible to the human eye.  The colour of emerald green is in the mid frequency of the visible spectrum and corresponds to the matter element i.e. nature and the natural world of grass and trees.

In energetic terms the higher emerald green frequency equates with coherence, where everything fits together in a unified whole.  Emerald green is the interface between the material and the non-material elements.  Evidential research has statistically proved that the colour of emerald raises the vibration of the physical body.  All atoms have magnetic properties due to the spinning action of the atom’s electrons and will therefore magnetise to an accelerated frequency.

It is a principle of healing that energy follows thought, therefore where we put our attention is key.  Focusing on the accelerated frequency of emerald green aligns our atoms and molecules to coherence, balance and harmony.  The spine is the core and central conduit for this energy.  As we focus on the anatomical structure of the body we are linking body, mind and spirit, fusing subtle energy with the matter of the physical body.  Through this process, the higher frequencies of vibration (energy) are downloaded, they flow from the crown of the head to the feet to ensure that the energy is grounded and earthed.  Thus, the higher and lower frequencies are integrated and a transformative process begins.

Strengthening the Personal Field

The human energy field is oval in shape and the emerald alignment exercise is completed by focusing attention to the outer rim (approximately at arms-length).  Focusing attention to the boundary of the personal field i.e. to the intuitive band strengthens coherence and integrity.  The higher frequency of the colour blue correlates with the higher mental intuitive faculties and is usedto seal this field.  This is effective but temporary and should be repeated at intervals. (Lamb C 2017)


Where clients are willing to sustain the programme of practice, address underlying causative factors and make the lifestyle changes required, this method has proved successful in eradicating this debilitating condition.  However, the study also demonstrates that some clients are unable to alter their negative beliefs about their tinnitus i.e. the belief that whatever methods they try, their tinnitus will remain the same because there is no known cure.  Low expectations and negative thought processes inhibit success because actions follow thoughts and belief.

 Evaluation of a 6-week Healing Programme of Toning and Energy Alignment

2015 Research Group1: 10 Clients with Tinnitus


2016 Research Group 2: 14 clients with Tinnitus



The programme required commitment to sustain the disciplined toning and energy alignment practice on a daily basis and there was a requirement to make lifestyle changes to reduce stress levels.  All clients who completed the programme experienced a sustained improvement or their symptoms were eradicated.

Positive Indicators

  • Willingness to engage in a disciplined practice

  • Belief that the condition could be eradicated

  • Personal empowerment

Of those who failed to complete the programme, none took part for more than 7 days.

Negative Indicators

  • Impatience

  • Reluctance to engage in a structured programme

  • Unwillingness to address the need for change

Patterns of Resistance

Toning impacts at both the physical and the subtle energy levels and may ignite subconscious patterns of resistance.  Cognitive neurological processes involved in interpreting experience can conflict with the intuitive processes which resonate at a higher frequency.  An over analytical mind can be an initial impediment to progress.  Intention is not connected to thinking or rationalising, an analytical mind cannot help where there is mental conflict.  There is a need to let go of mental control and trust the process in order to achieve optimum results

Sustaining the programme is an act of faith.


Where there is a history of mental health issues, abuse or addiction, it may be advisable to begin with emerald alignment only to strengthen the subtle energy field in preparation for the toning programme.


‘When I initially got tinnitus in my right ear (very high pitched ringing), I tried everything from prednisolone, HBOT (hyperbaric oxygen therapy), ginkgo biloba, neurology medicines all within the 4-6 week onset period. I am sure some of it helped reduce the tinnitus volume in my right ear but nothing like the results I have achieved through the Light Voice program.  Jennifer offers a holistic approach that not only helps you tackle your tinnitus but also works on your old negative belief systems that are underpinning your tinnitus recovery.  I have been able to change my belief system and perception towards life that in turn has made me a much more relaxed person to a degree I didn’t think could be reached so simply and effectively.  Those who have known me for years notice the change in me and my overall life has improved.  This approach works not only for tinnitus but also for other life issues that you may want to address.’  Y Malik. India


This programme does not work when:

  • The client over thinks in an effort to maintain control

  • Where there is reluctance to commit to a disciplined practice.

  • Where the client is not yet ready to acknowledge inherent causative factors

  • Where there is a reluctance to accept personal responsibility for choice and change.

For those willing to set aside conditioned beliefs, the Toning and Alignment Programme offers personal empowerment through self-help, enabling the individual to take responsibility for their future health, safe in the knowledge that they have the tools to manage any recurrence with or without recourse to a therapist.

Research papers are available for further reading

Here are details of the online  Tinnitus Clinic at  Living Memory Research Trust