The Power of Good Vibrations

In 2016, while on a visit to the historic island of Malta, as an enthusiastic toning practitioner I was eager to visit the Hagar Quim Temple Complex.  I waited patiently for an hour in the morning sun for a bus to take me to the village of Qrendi which lies about a mile away from the ancient site.  Hagar Quim (“Ha-jar eem”),  which means “standing “ is a large stone complex built for worship 5000-years ago, between 3600 – 3200 B.C.  It is one of the best-preserved prehistoric temple sites of Malta built from globigerina limestone. Evidence suggests that the ancient civilisation who built Hagar Quim with their stone tools, came from Sicily.  Interestingly, the Ħaġar Qim façade contains the largest stone used in Maltese megalithic architecture, weighing 57 tons. A megalith is a large pre-historic stone that has been used to construct a structure or monument. 

Those who have studied the acoustic properties of  Hagar Quim and other prehistoric sites on Malta,  believe that the frequency of 110 hertz  is engineered into their structures and the enclosed stone rooms reverberated at this frequency.  Buddhists and Hindus chant their mantras in the same frequency of 110 hertz.  Ancient civilisations were aware that this resonant frequency would enhance right brain activity and they used their voices in a specific way to create healing vibrations through toning and chanting, an ancient and powerful method of  healing with the voice. Using the voice in this way is a radical approach to harmonising vibrational frequencies within the brain, the physical body and the electromagnetic (auric) field which surrounds and permeates it.

Chambers at sacred sites were built to harmonise with the resonating frequency of both the Earth and the Universe, holding them together like a ‘sonic glue’.  According to ancient Egyptian texts and more recently confirmed by experienced sound engineers, the King’s Chamber in the great pyramid resonates with the resonant chord of the Earth (a frequency of F sharp), whilst the stone sarcophagus in the King’s Chamber is a corresponding harmonic of that frequency (a frequency of 110 hertz).  Through an alignment process which focuses our intention   on higher streams of consciousness, we are able to  raise our vibration and vocalise tones attuned to specific frequencies.  The toning process harmonises frequencies within the brain to positively alter mood and behaviour.  In times gone by, toning these vibrational frequencies in unison with others, enhanced the harmonics in these ancient purpose built chambers and enabled participants  to shift brain dominance from left to right.  Vocalising in this way induced altered states of consciousness, which, with practice, served a specific purpose in the rites and rituals and facilitated levitation in the initiation ceremonies.

 Sound is simply vibration and many scientists and physicists now accept that existence consists only of vibrations. Therefore, as the ancients knew, if we are made of sound and sound is vibration, we will be able to heal ourselves with the positive use of our own voice. By raising our vibration, we can change the atoms and molecules of our body to enhance our health.

‘When we use our breath to vibrate our vocal cords with specific sounds, we affect the life force of the body and the mind that inhabits the body.’  (Edgar Cayce – 1877-1945, named the father of holistic medicine and the most documented psychic of the 20th century.)

We can apply this understanding today through disciplined spiritual practice.  The Light Voice system of Rainbow Chakra Tones teaches a simple method of alignment through sound.  This Eight Tone system offers self-help healing for the specific purpose of cleansing, balancing and aligning the 7 major chakras (a Sanskrit word meaning ‘wheels’ – energy centres) which link to specific anatomical areas of the body.  The tones  are not just attempting to raise and transform bodily vibrations; when repeated with focused and positive intention, each tone lifts and carries the awareness to higher, more harmonic levels. This process releases emotion from the body and anxiety from the mind.  Toning practice stimulates the energetic pathways and connects the synapses of the neurological system to open up awareness and improve our ability to truly listen to each other . We can then aspire to access the accelerated frequencies of the higher intuitive pathways beyond the cognitive faculties of our lower mind.   A feeling of harmonious connection will bring us closer to being  at one with the ancient wisdom of our forefathers.

A system of planetary tones  offers a system of seven Rainbow Planetary Tones, which correlate with the strata of the Earth.   Through disciplined practice, the sequence of seven tones begin to open and clear the channels linking our physical body to the vibrating energy from the corresponding forces flowing to us from nature and the natural environment and the Universe.  With focus and commitment, this practice will  help us to forge a connection to nature and our surroundings and we will feel better for it.

Many today in a quest for knowledge and information are unwilling to rise above the lower mind which has its place but it is merely mental application, it is not wisdom and will not open our awareness and creative intuitive pathways.

Stress related conflict causes dissonance within the body and this may manifest as tinnitus, an holistic online Tinnitus Clinic, offers a self-help programme combining energy alignment and toning, to eradicate this debilitating disturbance.

Energy alignment and toning practice can provide a beneficial self-help protective mechanism in these turbulent times when  sound frequency is increasingly being used as a weapon with radio wave beaming technology.  We are unable to hear these inaudible frequencies but we can feel them and they have a negative impact on our physical body and our electromagnetic field.

See:  The Living Memory Research Trust website