Vocal Toning: Rainbow Chakra Tones

Toning is an ancient and powerful method of using the voice. The toning process energises the brain and stimulates and regenerates the central nervous system to activate the body’s own self-healing mechanism.  Ancient cultures in both the northern and southern hemisphere understood the law of vibration and recognised sound as energy in motion, acknowledging that everything vibrates at its own frequency, whether a cell within our body, a flower in our garden or a star in the galaxies. Indigenous people felt and appreciated the impact of sound upon the body, the community and the environment, particularly when focused effectively.   This is the principle behind toning.

 The pioneering work of Professor Alfred Tomatis (1920 – 2001) a French physician, psychologist and educator has had a revolutionary impact on our understanding of the ear and subsequently the voice. This has deepened my perception of communication impairment and inspired my research into the relationship between the ear, heart and voice and their link to consciousness. Tomatis believed that we can only voice what we hear and therefore we need to improve our listening ability. It is my understanding that any sound we make ourselves, even humming, nourishes the auditory cortex of the brain and is of higher value than any other sound.

If we accept that harmonious sound positively influences health and well being, we can begin to harness it as a powerful creative force with which to transform our lives. Our voice encapsulates our identity and emotional state and is an important instrument of healing and communication. When we speak, the vibration of our thoughts and feelings is carried in our words.  This determines the impact our voice has on the listener and their ability to hear and understand what we are saying.

Chakra-Man Academy of Spiritual Sciences The physical body is enveloped and nourished by a subtle energy system which links to the body through an anatomical structure which mirrors the physical body. The Rainbow Chakra Toning System,  which I was given through a direct experience of non local communication introduces a unique system of eight vocal tones. Each tone in this system resonates with a specific chakra  (energy centre), which governs a specific anatomical area of the body.  The chakras interconnect to metabolise in-coming energy to maintain balance and flow within the subtle energy field . Each chakra vibrates at a specific frequency and in health resonates with a specific colour. Every colour correlates with a specific frequency on the rainbow spectrum. Light and sound are both manifestations of vibration.  The toning process creates a rainbow of colour and sound to strengthen and balance the subtle energy  field, (electromagnetic or auric field) the envelope of magnetic energy surrounding and nourishing the physical body .

There are eight tones, one for each major chakra located on the spine,with two tones for the base chakra.  Each tone has a unique and specific function and the process sends acoustic stimulation to every part of the body triggering dynamic possibilities for healing.

Toning Alignment

The action of toning creates a resonance of sound which ripples through the subtle energy to restore positive flow by  realigning the molecules within the cells to reduce stress and disorder. The toning process disturbs imprints of negative memories held in the subconscious and brings associated thoughts and emotional responses to the surface for release . We can then move forward with renewed energy, more able to make positive choices.

Good physical posture and energy alignment are essential to maintaining health. The vocal toning programme is used in conjunction with the Emerald Alignment method to stabilise and protect the subtle energy field  and curb emotional response to external triggers.

Children of all ages love to tone and if unable to make the sounds themselves, will enjoy listening to and feeling the effects of the tones. It is important to tone gently when in the presence of children because their auric field is still developing and fragile.  Toning offers help to those who wish to improve their life by using their voice more effectively and this programme may be used for personal healing or incorporated into existing therapy programmes. Toning can also be used for environmental healing to release negative geophysical imprints within the earth.

Here is an example of toning with a child.

Client (Boy aged 9 years)

Diagnosis: Down Syndrome.

Presenting Difficulty: Communication impairment/ Behavioural problems


  • Limited understanding of single words

  • Limited expression- single words/gesture/signing system (Makaton language programme using signs and symbols)

  • Speech – unclear, using the consonants: k/t/p at the beginning of words only.

Child’s Presenting Behaviour

  • Resistant and uncooperative, throwing toys and objects.

  • Dependent on mother’s support.

  • Needing physical help and verbal prompts to carry out instructions. Mother anticipating needs.


  • Therapy was focused on empowering both mother and son to release control issues through creative sound and movement.

  • Use of vocal tones as self-help to improve the child’s ability to process thoughts and verbal expression.

  • Drumming was encouraged to accompany mother’s dancing. Redressing the balance of control and allowing child to see the positive impact of his actions.

Behaviour Management

  • Mother to refrain from using negative words i.e. don’t/stop/no. For example to say ‘put the cup on the table’ rather than ‘don’t throw the cup on the floor’.

  • To repeatedly assist child to pick up thrown objects (hand over hand) until he chooses to picks them up himself.

  • Energy alignment for mother and son (daily practice – morning and evening) of The Emerald Alignment.

Toning Therapy

  • Sacral tone /OH/used to strengthen the voice, improve social interaction and communication, helping child relate to others in a group situation

  • Use of colour while making the sacral tone – Child sits within a tent of vibrant orange – to stimulate sacral chakra.

  • Length of emerald material (silk) from ceiling, pooling on the floor as a visual prompt during The Emerald Alignment process. (Client chose to sit on the emerald material during his alignment.)

Sacral-Tone Light Voice

Diagram to show the release of vibration with the Sacral Tone

Child’s Response and Outcome

  • Increased awareness.

  • Turn taking listening.

  • Singing.

  • Cooperating in activities at school.

  • Beginning to make relationships with other children.

  • More sociable, initiating communication, dressing self.

  • Using sacral tone spontaneously in play and practice, mother and son laughing together.

  • Drumming while mother dances to the rhythm. Improved relationship.

  • Spontaneous use of consonants in the middle and end of words therefore speech much clearer.

The Rainbow Chakra Toning system has been taught successfully in schools, and Residential Care Homes. A team of Light Voice toning teachers have taught this system to parents, carers, teachers and therapists who wished to incorporate toning into their therapeutic practice to assist those who wish to improve their communication and strengthen all aspects of voice.

For more toning information see  Light Voice Research, online Tinnitus Clinic, Jennifer’s  blogs.  The Living Memory Research manuals offer a basic understanding of the anatomy of the human energy field and the key principles underpinning the origins of sound . They are available as free downloads. For those interested in individual tuition, Jennifer offers an  online Rainbow Chakra Tones course. Please email for details

For further information , contact Jennifer at : jennifer.warters@lightvoice.org.uk