Creating Child’s Play

All children need to play and use their play to make sense of their experiences and to make sense of what is happening around them. Through play, they are able to channel overwhelming feelings and ‘play out’ situations that they feel powerless to resolve.

By offering the child a space and providing a few simple props they are able to create a character for themselves and be in their own fantasy world.  This  experience gives the child an opportunity to explore what they need to explore in their own way and at their own pace.

The adult’s role is to observe, wait and listen ; to only get involved and take on a role if invited to do so. It is of paramount importance that in the play situation the adult follows the lead of the child and does not try to take the story  or the child’s play where they feel it should go,  or try and hurry it to a conclusion.

Trust the process because play, if allowed to unfold, will travel at the pace appropriate for the child.  If it is not completed in the time allotted, the child is usually happy to carry it over to the next opportunity. This is much better than forcing a conclusion before the story has had time to reach its creative potential.

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Vocal Toning and Energy Alignment

This is an excerpt from Positive Health Online Issue 179 – February 2011. The full article can be found at: Vocal Toning and Energy Alignment

My interest in the voice and creative expression led to training in Speech and Language Therapy, deepening my understanding of the mechanics of speech, the nature of impairment and its impact on life and relationships. A twenty year struggle with orthodox methods of symptom focused intervention and disillusionment with imposed systems and the medical approach, prompted a shift of focus. I turned my attention from the impairment to the creative, intuitive aspects of the right brain. This approach stimulates and regenerates the central nervous system activating the client’s own self healing mechanism to create dynamic possibilities for healing.

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